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Helping Older People New Forest. Registered Charity No. 1152294. Company No. 8326735

Registered Office: 25 Kensington Park, Milford on Sea, Lymington. SO41 0WD

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Information and Advice - examples of our work

We could not possibly show you the range and variety of what we have helped with over the years - but hopefully these will give you a flavour.

Never claimed a pension …

A 77 year old man came to see us as he was running short of money. It turned out that he had never claimed his old age pension, despite being entitled to it when he was sixty-five. In addition, he had never held a bank account so, even if he did claim his pension, there was nowhere to pay it in to. If you have tried to open a bank account recently you will know how many hoops you have to jump through even though it is your money! Imagine how hard this would be if you had never had an account.

Not only were we able to get him set up with his very first bank account, we also helped him deal with the Pension Service so he could start to receive what was lawfully his and as a bonus (for him), he was also paid 90,000 of unclaimed pension.

Utility company overcharging …

An elderly lady came to see us in a very distressed state as her regular direct debit payment had been increased to a completely unreasonable amount.  Talking to the service provider on her behalf, not only did we get the monthly amount reduced but she ended paying less than she was before. Having us on her side made an immense difference as she was able to stop worrying about how she would pay the new amount. We were also able to ensure that her meter would be read regularly to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

Family member seeking help …

It is not unusual for the elderly to have children who live far away, often in a different country. We were contacted by a lady in Australia who had great concerns about her mother's wellbeing as she appeared to be the target of some unscrupulous people. We intervened and acted as a bridge between this lady and her mother, making sure in the process that all was well, that her money remained safe and her peace of mind intact.

We have also recently helped family members in America, Switzerland and China.

Complicated forms …

Many benefits-related forms (Attendance Allowance, for example) can appear overwhelming to people who are not used to such things. We spend a great deal of time helping people complete such forms and making sure that they receive what they are entitled to.